Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Turning the big 2-6

I am turning the big 2-6 tomorrow. I really cannot believe how fast time flies. It doesn't feel like another year passed already. I wish I could the world would slow down, but like that's really gonna happen.

I have never really dreaded turning another year older (not yet, anyhow). I feel so blessed to have lived another year of life, love, family and friends. I am lucky to have the family and friends that I have. My family have been there for me no matter what and I don't know what I would do without them. I know who my true friends are and I feel lucky to have met them. It's the friends who will be there at my wedding (in many many years from now), the ones whose kids will be friends with mine. I have had more than my share of fake friends and have luckily been able to weed them out. :)

At 26, I know exactly what I want to do with my career. Although it's something that I had and lost (due to economy), I know I will one day have my own classroom again and that I'll be the best teacher I can possibly be. Some days can be hard because I miss it so much, but I have a strong support system. 

I look forward to another year of growth, life, love, family, and friendship.

Yes, I am truly blessed. So here's to being another year older. :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Cynthia! I hope you have a great day.

  2. another year older, another year wiser:) Your day will come to have your classroom back again, there's no way we can let our children go without teachers like you!
    Cheers to 26!