Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall/October is here!!

Hooray!! My favorite season and month are here!! I absolutely love fall and October. 

The weather getting cooler, the leaves changing into warm colors, pumpkin flavored everything (I've already had Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte/frap 4 times since it's returned), and just the feel of the season. I can't wait to take out my scarves, mittens, and pea coats. 

And the beginning of fall means that Halloween is almost here! I love Halloween and looking at all the decorated houses and at all of the things at stores. I'm not a big fan of dressing up, but I really enjoy handing out candy to the kiddies. The cutest costumes I saw last year were a girl that was a little chef (with mini utensils) and a little boy dressed up as Mario from Super Mario Brothers. They had stuffed a pillow into his belly. They were probably 5 or 6 so it that made it even more adorable. I can't wait to start going to festivals and when it's time to get my pumpkins. It's going to be a busy month though, with baby showers and birthdays, so hopefully I'll get to experience as much as I can.

I turn the big 2-7 at the end of the month. I really can't believe another birthday is coming up. It feels like not long ago I turned 21. I can't wait for my birthday. What an awesome month it's going to be! 

Have a wonderful October/fall everyone!! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dana and Jeff's wedding

A few weeks ago, I went to my rosebud Dana's wedding (9/10/11, awesome date, right?). I've only met Jeff twice (once at my birthday and then at the wedding), but I can tell that he is perfect for her by how he acts with her and the way she glows when we've talked about him. He is really one of the nicest guys I've ever met. 

The wedding was at the beautiful Candlewood Country Club. The weather was perfect (it had been super hot that week, so thank goodness) and everything was beautiful. 

They are such an adorable couple and Dana's dress was gorgeous (Vera Wang). Their wedding scheme was based on their love for the Los Angeles Lakers. Yup, hardcore fans. The colors were purple and gold, the program had Lakers, and the wine bottles had a quote from Phi Jackson. It was so cute. 

I sat at the San Francisco table (the party table) along with my other Delta Zeta sisters. We had so much fun laughing, eating, and celebrating. 

Oh and look who caught the garter again, lol. He caught it the first time in November at my cousin's wedding. It's just so funny. 

Congratulations Dana and Jeff! I am so thankful that I got to share your special day with you and I wish you both all the best! <3