Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall/October is here!!

Hooray!! My favorite season and month are here!! I absolutely love fall and October. 

The weather getting cooler, the leaves changing into warm colors, pumpkin flavored everything (I've already had Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte/frap 4 times since it's returned), and just the feel of the season. I can't wait to take out my scarves, mittens, and pea coats. 

And the beginning of fall means that Halloween is almost here! I love Halloween and looking at all the decorated houses and at all of the things at stores. I'm not a big fan of dressing up, but I really enjoy handing out candy to the kiddies. The cutest costumes I saw last year were a girl that was a little chef (with mini utensils) and a little boy dressed up as Mario from Super Mario Brothers. They had stuffed a pillow into his belly. They were probably 5 or 6 so it that made it even more adorable. I can't wait to start going to festivals and when it's time to get my pumpkins. It's going to be a busy month though, with baby showers and birthdays, so hopefully I'll get to experience as much as I can.

I turn the big 2-7 at the end of the month. I really can't believe another birthday is coming up. It feels like not long ago I turned 21. I can't wait for my birthday. What an awesome month it's going to be! 

Have a wonderful October/fall everyone!! 

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