Sunday, November 7, 2010


So....since the day after Halloween, my sister had been bugging me about putting away the Halloween decorations. With work, I felt too tired (okay, maybe more lazy) to put them away. So yesterday, I decided it was time. I started to take things down from the door and windows and put them in the large container I used to store my Halloween decorations. 

I then bring in a cone shaped decoration (like a party hat with a bottom) that had little streamer-like things hanging from it into the house. I attempt to open the bottom part to flatten it to put into the container and a group of wasps came flying out. YES, WASPS!!!!!

I screamed (of course) and dropped the cone. My sister comes running from her room as I'm screaming and sees 3 wasps on the screen door and opens it to get them out. I'm just standing there, frozen because I'm in shock and disbelief and yelled "Get the bug spray!" She runs to get it and I find 3 more in the window (I guess they immediately went to the light). I spray but don't know if there's more. I call Rudy and our conversation went like this:

Me: What are you doing?
Rudy: About to clean my room.
Me: Um..can you do me a favor?
Rudy: Yea, what is it?
Me: (and I start talking really fast jumping up and down) I was putting away my decoration and you know the one that looks like a cone?? Bees came out of it in my house!!
Rudy: BEES!!
Me: I mean wasps!!
Rudy: WASPS!!
Me: Yes!! Please come over..I don't know what to do!!
Rudy: I'll be right over.

He gets here fast with Raid and a fly swatter and saves the day. He gets the ones next to the windows and looks around the house for more. I guess there were only 6 (well, not really only) but it looked like 10-15. So..of course I got the "I told you so" from my sister for putting up too  many decorations. Lol. But never again will I get any where any other living creature can build it's home. 



  1. So sorry I took this long to follow you! I totally thought I had done it already :( I can't believe there was wasps in there! Ew!

  2. No freaking way! I would have died!!!