Thursday, August 4, 2011

Harry Potter Mania

I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter! 

I can't believe 10 years have passed and that the last movie is out. I love all the Harry Potter mania. Over the last month, I've been watching the movies every time it was on TV and the specials/behind the scenes. At the beginning of the month, a small art gallery in my town had a Harry Potter gallery opening and I just HAD to go. It was so amazing and I wish I could afford to buy one of the awesome artwork. The line was soo long, but we were lucky to get there early.

Here are some of my favorite artwork:

Amazing, right??

When you enter, you get sorted into groups by picking a pin from the Sorting Hat. I got Gryffindor (yes!)  and Rudy got Ravenclaw. We took turns trying to catch the golden snitch. Rudy actually got it and won a $20 gift card. I got 7 bludgers and got 2 pins. 

This is what we got with Rudy's gift card:

I had so much fun and am so thankful that Rudy took me! He enjoys the movies, but isn't as hardcore as I am. Lol. He's the best! 

I got a new shirt and wand pen to wear/bring to the movie. We didn't get to watch the movie until this past Saturday because there was always something going on and we didn't want to wait in the long lines the first week. 
Yes, I am a big dork.

I really enjoyed the movie! I know it's never gonna be the same as the book, but I wish it was a little longer and that they emphasized a little more on certain things (i.e. deaths of the good guys, Lupin's son, battle between Bellatrix & Molly). I definitely wanna see it again though, but this time in 3D!

I love Harry Potter Mania!!!!! :)


  1. I love the art work! I just jumped on the bandwagon and bought the first book. I am just a little behind, lol

  2. You are absolutely going to love it! :)