Sunday, August 14, 2011

Orange County Fair 2011

Last weekend, my sister, Rudy and I went to the Orange County fair. It was my sister's first time to a county fair, so we wanted to make sure she had fun. The best part about the fair is the food. Oh my gosh, all kinds of good food. I stray away from all the interesting things like deep fried butter or deep fried other stuff. Lol. Rudy really wanted the chocolate covered bacon. I tried a small piece. It's more chocolatey and then you just taste saltyness. I didn't really taste the bacon, more chocolate.

They always have the baking contest and I took pictures of my favorite ones. I wish I could make cakes like that!

The Coors light horses were there. The horses are so big and beautiful!

Big pumpkins!

At fairs, Rudy's favorite game is the water shooting one. I wanted the minion and baby Po so bad. They're so cute!

What an awesome boyfriend I have! <3

We finished off the fair with dinner (some delicious bbq food) and shared a funnel cake for dessert. An awesome day!

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