Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Breanna & Antonio's Wedding

Rudy and I went to a wedding in Riverside over the weekend. It was definitely hot. When we got there, it was actually raining! Raining! What the heck man?? We got their early, so waited in the car. Luckily it stopped right before the ceremony started. 

They had buckets like this with all of the bottled/canned beverages. Such a cute idea!

Everything about the wedding was absolutely beautiful. I must have said, "I love (fill in the blank)" a million times. I loved the bridesmaids' dresses and their hair, the idea of the beverages, the mason jars, signs....pretty much everything. 

The flower girls were so adorable. One of them wanted to make sure that the petals were actually on the aisle, so she picked up ones that were outside of the aisle and placed them where they belonged. They were a bit restless waiting though. Luckily the maid of honor, Tarren,  watched over them. 
 Here comes the bride! She looked beautiful!

Mr. and Mrs. Guerrero!

They had games that guests could play. Rudy was excited for the horseshoes. Later we found out from one of the other guests, that we were playing it wrong. Lol, oh but of course! They even had an area where you could build a tent!

 Cupcakes and ice cream. Yup, they had an ice cream stand!

I'm thinking of keeping the beard. Rudy's not too fond of the idea.

est. 2002

I met Breanna through her sister, Tarren when we were dorm mates about 10 years ago. Breanna was 16 when I met her and I've seen her grow into a beautiful young woman, who is now married! I am so proud of her and love her very much. 
 I love these girls!

What a wonderful night it was!

Congratulations Breanna & Antonio!! <3

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